Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays to You...

Hey there – Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with laughter and joy! I sure did – it was great to spend time with Rick’s side of the family including of course my grandson Madex (it was his first Christmas) …and did I tell you how adorable he is???

Anyway – things have been a little hectic lately as I’ve started a new job and have been spending a lot of time away from home in Arkansas (our soon to be new home state)! I am back in CA now for another week, and I have a lot of packing and purging to do! We’ll be moving to AR for 2 years, so now I have the daunting task of sorting out and deciding what to pack, purge, give away or store…NOT FUN!

I enjoyed taking a break from all things related to the move, to play with the new MLS line Winter Wonderland – I love the vintage whimsy of this line. I created a few Holiday cards, as well as an advent calendar using Counting Down from the Winter Wonderland line and an old picture frame. I wrote cute messages or coupons for treats on the back of each card. This is something I’ll keep for Madex when he gets a little older. Below are some photos of the cards and the advent calendar – thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Baby Madex

Winter Wonderland Cards

Advent Calendar

The back side of a few advent calendar cards

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